$10,000 PPA Legends Diamond Jubilee Cup

Hope Mills, NC

June 21-22, 2014

Greg Newport Wins Jubilee Cup

Greg Newport, 2010 PPA National Champion, added another National crown to his impressive title history by winning the $10,000 PPA Legends Diamond Jubilee Cup played in Hope Mills, NC. Newport overcame a one-shot deficit heading into the second day of play to capture the title. Daryl Freeman, the 1973 PPA National Champion and 2008 PPA Seniors National Champion, was the runner-up finisher after his second day total of 96 brought him within two shots of victory.

Elephant Course

Place Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Greg Newport2026292425252327199$ 1,500.00
2Daryl Freeman2725282625222623202$ 1,000.00
3Jeff Spainhour2225273026272227206$ 800.00
4Jay Klapper2726212429272528207$ 600.00
Kevin Lacey2525252429282526207$ 600.00
6Jeff Garrison2528272726282621208$ 450.00
7Matt McCaslin2624262924302427210$ 377.00
Nate Nichols3225232628252625210$ 377.00
Chris Chafin2628282427292325210$ 377.00
10Randy Reeves2424263027292625211$ 320.00
11Dean Dwiggins2924282827242923212$ 285.00
Kevin Rutledge2625282927252725212$ 285.00
13Tony Varnadore2924252927302425213$ 250.00
Brad Lebo3226242725242926213$ 250.00
Tim Jones2529242727262827213$ 250.00
Danny McCaslin2326282429282728213$ 250.00
Greg Ward2331282925252527213$ 250.00
18Terry Phillips2928262727292325214$ 220.00
19Robert Johnson2625252728312825215$ 205.00
Ricky Schults2826282728262626215$ 205.00
21David McCaslin2429263024272729216$ 180.00
Andy Coradini2629282627312524216$ 180.00
Bob Haizlip2828282427242730216$ 180.00
24David Jones2723263028293024217$ 155.00
Frank Warren2923272729312625217$ 155.00
26Jeff Studer2927282828272626219$ 150.00
Thomas Rawles2525272530293226219$ 150.00
28Monte Snyder2925293031252922220
Bill Kirby Jr2831272726292527220
30Danny Tatum2929262524282931221
Bill Baus3225242929262630221
John Bambling2430252829292729221
33Tony Jackson3024293035252722222
Gary Hinshaw2424302833302627222
35Bob Marcellino2628322626312728224
36Ken Hastings3026302928272828226
Ken Schooler2729292732252730226
38Rick Culverhouse3124293031282925227
39Ed Grajewski2628323126273131232
Bart Bason2830262931313126232
41Stan Seethoff2930313126272732233
42Charlie Greenwalt3428322528283029234
Jon Drexler2531232934312932234
44Mike Matthews3229342627302732237
45Dan Anders2631313131302929238
46Paul Johns3332283433302931250

Zach Martin of Bristol, VA captured his first title with a two shot victory in the APA division by besting Randal Smith.

Giraffe Course

Place Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Zach Martin3029323030302625232$ 50.00
2Randal Smith3025313330253030234$ 25.00
3Scott Anderson2927313032273327236$ 25.00
4Mike Johnson2730293829313027241$ 25.00
5Joey Graybeal2928302931303828243$ 25.00
6David Myers3236343133292827250
Tim Pope3230283530333230250
8Roby Fuller3330353228312934252
9Clayton Craft3231303731352829253
10Earl Johnson3430293730343229255
11Rodney Ashley2832293336333734262
12Keith Hartman3333393133343328264
13Mickey DeLucca3335323229303341265
14Tim Ellington3131353434323733267
Allen Salyer3637303335313233267
16Donnie Carpenter32333430WD
Fred Pergerson37413442WD