Greenville, SC

July 2-3, 1967

Randall Wins 1967 National Championship

"Mr. Runner-Up" Breaks Spell, Captures Nat'l Championship Crown

Concentrated skill and experience gained from seven years of Putt-Putt tournament competition and a deep desire to discard the nickname "Mr. Runner-Up" (a title given him for his numerous second place finishes), Vance Randall of Asheville, NC, exploded with a 62-under-par 226, one stroke off the all-time record, to capture the 1967 National Championship title in Greenville, SC, July 2nd and 3rd.

Randall, who over the past seven years has placed second in nine PPA tournaments including two past National Championships (1961 and 1962), proved his great putting capabilities to himself, his fellow pros, and to Mackie, his bride of three weeks. In the runner-up spot this year were Gil Caito of Indianapolis, IN, and Steve Gilbert of Statesville, NC, who both scored 228, two strokes out of first place.

Randall won $2,000 of the $10,000 purse. Second place was worth $1,150. Les Sedlak of Bedford, OH, Bob Williamson of Jacksonville, FL, and Ron DeHaas of Youngstown, OH, won $800 in a tie for fourth place.

The $2,000 won by Randall puts him in first place as leading money winner for the year with $2,900 and third in All-Time Money Winnings with $16,800.

Putting pros from eighteen states in America and two foreign countries gathered in the land of honeysuckles and magnolia blossoms, Greenville, SC, July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to compete in the PPA's 1967 $10,000 National Championship.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Vance RandallAsheville, NC2731282929322723226$ 2,000.00
2Gil CaitoIndianapolis, IN2930322823292928228$ 1,150.00
Steve GilbertStatesville, NC2531302829322825228$ 1,150.00
4Ron DeHaasYoungstown, OH2830292933272825229$ 800.00
Les SedlakCleveland, OH2731273028272930229$ 800.00
Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL2830273029332626229$ 800.00
7Bob PoltisCleveland, OH3132292526273228230$ 512.50
Herman StricklandMacon, GA2930272828283129230$ 512.50
9John ConnorGreenville, SC2729302729332828231$ 350.00
10Neil ConnorGreenville, SC3228302926283227232$ 262.50
Len MarloIndianapolis, IN3130313027312329232$ 262.50
Ray RayfieldBirmingham, AL2728273130283229232$ 262.50
Stanley WagnerBristol, VA2930282928283327232$ 262.50
14Dick FlorinAkron, OH3333292729272827233$ 150.00
Jim GarrisonIndianapolis, IN2732312631322826233$ 150.00
Cliff MooseGastonia, NC2830292829322532233$ 150.00
Fred ScottBristol, VA2832322928263226233$ 150.00
Rick SmithIndianapolis, IN3030262831302929233$ 150.00
19Ken BoyBristol, TN2931293027292732234$ 13.22
Bill HammockMacon, GA2933282929292829234$ 13.22
Jimmy HarritosAtlanta, GA2931292827313029234$ 13.22
Wilbur HildebrandHigh Point, NC2733282829313028234$ 13.22
Nick LongBurlington, IA3032292826332828234$ 13.22
Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA3031243426273032234$ 13.22
John SnyderCleveland, OH3332272829292828234$ 13.22
Carl StricklandAtlanta, GA2630312631292932234$ 13.22
Stu WillisCincinnati, OH3029302932302727234$ 13.22
28Paul GarrisonIndianapolis, IN2831272829322832235
Bob MarcellinoWashington, DC2927303426303029235
30John RoessnerIndianapolis, IN2830283029303328236
Joe WoodsSavannah, GA3130293029293127236
32William CoxPhenix City, AL3333263228293026237
Chris CrossCleveland, OH3027343128313125237
Mike HendrixsonGreenville, SC3132312730293225237
Lee WeldySavannah, GA2631322729313427237
36Willie EdwardsRaleigh, NC3231312929322727238
Chuck SchaferAugusta, GA3130293128313028238
John ThoburnCleveland, OH3530302727293129238
John WeaverGreenville, SC3132312930302728238
40Ted BrownHigh Point, NC2729333127323129239
Joe FraserShelby, NC2731302926313431239
Charlie HayesWinston-Salem, NC2830293032313227239
Lehman KeyLake Charles, LA2933262929293628239
Wayne TinsleyGreenville, SC3329262926382929239
45Wesley EdensOrlando, FL3331283227293030240
Buddy GarrenGreenville, SC3335272928333124240
Ken MillerBirmingham, AL3133293031292928240
Warren MorrisOrlando, FL3030273131323029240
Larry PetersAtlanta, GA3028273126323135240
50Earl FrittsSavannah, GA3132322429362829241
DeWayne MitchellKnoxville, TN3133292836312924241
Ed PalmerKettering, OH3032283130313227241
Don PoseyGreenville, SC3329303031313027241
John ThomasColumbia, TN3130343028283129241
Tom YounceColumbus, GA3133303129302829241
56Web DigenovaMidvale, OH3233332830272831242
Fritz SchaferCharlotte, NC3232322927322830242
58Michael GerrityGoldsboro, NC3432283229312928243
Lloyd JoyceHigh Point, NC3330272933322831243
Roger MooreAtlanta, GA3532323128312925243
Jim NortonCleveland, OH3331323028293228243
Buddy TaylorBaltimore, MD3031303130302833243
Don WrightGoldsboro, NC3233303131293027243
64David AshworthGreenville, SC2632292830323433244
Terry LaskeyDayton, OH3432293130292633244
Charlie PainterOak Ridge, TN3228313030323130244
67Gary LoveEuclid, OH3230252934323429245
Aubrey SmithMemphis, TN3534273328303325245
69Bob JacksonIndianapolis, IN3330322925313630246
Bill SellarsBurlington, NC2931343427322732246
Greg StraverPrentiss, MS3228273630293628246
Pieter VanHeerdenCapetown, SA2931313236322926246
Gene VonWaldnerSavannah, GA3034333129342827246
74Richard BuchanHenderson, NC3428342632322932247
Mike ChukCharleston, SC2929353026342935247
Dale ClemKettering, OH3033303130283728247
Frank CollinsJefferson City, TN2838293027333230247
Joe GordonShreveport, LA3134342827323130247
79Ken Banks Goldsboro, NC3233333028353027248
Jim BarkerSavannah, GA2930292834323135248
Charlie Connor JrGreenville, SC2730283535303231248
Faye DuncanGreenville, SC3128293428343034248
Woodson GullickBaltimore, MD3034342830312833248
Ken HinesGreenville, SC3236322533313128248
Bobby KirbySlater, SC3032353431283028248
Jim RileyMemphis, TN2932323028333430248
87Dick CarrColumbus, OH3031313129322936249
Bob KingGreenville, SC2931332927303238249
Eddie StanburyCapetown, SA3033293027373429249
90Evelyn FlorinMacon, GA3234273335302831250
Harry GonsoulinNew Orleans, LA2932322834333032250
Hunkey HolderGreenville, OH3230293530303529250
David WilliamsKingsport, TN3032273032333234250
94Don BrickerLivonia, MI3030333130352933251
Bill PollardCharleston, SC3232323133283330251
Howell SmithAtlanta, GA3530333328312932251
Robin WartonBirmingham, AL2839313431322630251
98Bruce PorterAkron, OH3033303234343129253
99Lillian DuncanGreenville, SC3231293334342734254
100Marion MarcellinoWashington, DC3031333431343329255
Bob O'SteenJacksonville, FL3231293337343326255
102Billye BrazeltonHuntsville, AL2936323132353328256
Lamar BrownEast Point, GA3131343127383133256
Terry HudsonGreenville, SC3136322831333035256
105Don FisherPetersburg, VA3035352731293238257
106Dave WarringtonJacksonville, FL3432343132343031258
107Larry MozingoGoldsboro, NC2834342933343829259
108Wade HamiltonSmithfield, NC3230303536323432261
Dock HarrisShreveport, LA3731362833323331261
110Paul MesserHouston, TX3235353627362932262
111James KelleyYoungstown, OH3130322936383334263
112Howard O'SteenJacksonville, FL3435333632333032265
113Jim LefkowitzCleveland, OH3337323032333435266
Bob LoraSt. Louis, MO3336353435353127266
115Paul FairfaxCharleston, SC3531403229383033268

Ricky Strickland of Macon, Georgia Takes National Amateur Honors

One of the greatest "dreams come true" in anyone's life is to be crowned a champion and so it was with Ricky Strickland of Macon, GA. The 15-year-old amateur shot an amazing 231, 57-under par, to capture the Amateur National Championship crown from the field of 67 amateur competitors in Greenville, SC, July 2nd and 3rd.

The 5'10", 115-lb. champ comes from a long line of putting greats. His father, Herman Strickland, is a charter member of the Professional Putters Association as is his brother, Carl, and both men have appeared on PPA's "Parade of Champions" TV Series (Carl Strickland appears in the 1967 series).

Rick's sister, Evelyn, shares the spotlight with her dad and brothers. She holds the Ladies National Championship title for 1964, and was presented a special Sportsmanship Award at the 1967 National Championship in July.

Ricky began his putting ten years ago at the age of 5 in Macon, GA, at the Putt-Putt Golf Course owned and operated by Roger Greene. He displays eleven amateur trophies in his home for local championship wins. His lowest score is a 24, and the most holes-in-one he has accumulated during any given round is 12.

When this brown-headed, green-eyed Norman Rockwell character was asked what his hobbies were he calmly replied, "I guess it's just Putt-Putt." When asked what his first thought was after capturing the title Ricky said, "I just couldn't believe that I could ever be a National Champion."

His scores and performance on the golf course prove he is definitely worthy of the title, and that he intends to uphold the family tradition in being one of the greatest Putt-Putters in the land.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Ricky Strickland231

Article, scores and photos taken from Putt-Putt World Magazine, Volume 9, Number 5 (August 1967)