$5,000 Youngstown Open

Youngstown, OH

May 29-30, 1966

Ken Boy Shines in 1966 Memorial Day Tournament

Ken Boy of Bristol, TN, Putt-Putt Course owner and long-time PPA pro, turned on the steam in the closing moments of the $5,000 PPA Youngstown Open to coast across the finish line $1,000 richer. He posted a 53-under-par 235 for the 2-day trip.

Boy, challenged most of the way by local pros Ron DeHaas and Ted Jones, paid little attention to the 40° temperature as he finally "took charge" and opened a commanding lead.

Most of the second day witnessed a severe battle between Boy, Ted Jones and Ron DeHaas. At one point, Jones, actually, took the lead, with DeHaas pressing at every turn. Finally, the two challengers "ran out of gas" and it was obvious that the only contest, now, would be for the runner-up position.

Not noticed, but making a move, were Daryl Freeman of Bristol, VA, and Earl Fritts of Savannah, GA. Freeman, off the PPA tour for a year and a half, quietly made his own challenge for the lead while the other contenders seemed to falter. The Bristol, VA pro stealthily slipped by all challengers and settled in second place, good for $750.

Fritts, who could do no better that a tenth place finish at the end of the first day, was busily dropping putts left and right as he moved in on the leaders. Holes ran out as he was only able to overtake Ted Jones and had to settle for the fourth place slot.

Despite the cold winds, Boy went on a hot streak from his first putt. He posted 8 under par 28's for his first three round, and wrapped up the first day with a 31 for a grand 29-under-par 115. His going on to win the tournament made him the first man in PPA history to lead a tournament from the first round.

In the amateur division, local putter Ron Dubinsky posted a 44-under-par 244 to open an 18-stroke gap over his nearest opponent Wade Smith, also of Youngstown. Dubinsky led the amateur division from his first putt.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Ken BoyBristol, TN2828283134302729235$ 1,000.00
2Daryl FreemanBristol, VA3331302931322630242$ 750.00
3Ron DeHaasYoungstown, OH3227293333273329243$ 550.00
4Earl FrittsSavannah, GA3329313334243229245$ 450.00
5Ted JonesYoungstown, OH2829293334302637246$ 400.00
6Dick FlorinAkron, OH3729313430292829247$ 350.00
7John SnyderYoungstown, OH3632283032272835248$ 275.00
8Carl StricklandMacon, GA3229343031263532249$ 250.00
9John MascardineYoungstown, OH3232343528332928251$ 225.00
10Bob PoltisCleveland, OH3132303235313031252$ 200.00
11Paul GarrisonIndianapolis, IN3730302933303232253$ 141.66
Buddy TaylorBaltimore, MD3427263732313432253$ 141.66
Stu WillisCincinnati, OH3431333333273230253$ 141.66
14Tom KehlWashington, DC3230293433293037254$ 75.00
15Jimmy HarritosSavannah, GA2932373434282932255$ 25.00
Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL3329283330323139255$ 25.00
17Jim StevensonPoland, OH256
18Tom BrennandCleveland, OH257
Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA257
Ralph SappAugusta, GA257
21Rick KnapikYoungstown, OH258
22Mike ForishBaltimore, MD260
Woodson GullickGlen Burnie, MD260
Dick RootsCincinnati, OH260
25Jim BorcheltCincinnati, OH262
Bill GraviusCanton, OH262
Len ShawYoungstown, OH262
28Chris CrossBedford, OH263
Elmer DerslingYoungstown, OH263
Frank HoltDallas, TX263
Ray RayfieldBirmingham, AL263
32Harry FernandezIndianapolis, IN264
33Don VorhessDayton, OH265
34BR AbernathyBurlington, NC266
Dale ClemDayton, OH266
Jim NortonCleveland, OH266
37Sonny HeissBaltimore, MD267
Chuck SchaferAugusta, GA267
39Dave WarringtonJacksonville, FL268
40John PeckColumbus, OH270
Larry SiebertN. Wilkesboro, NC270
Doug YoungToledo, OH270
43Rick SmithIndianapolis, IN271
44John ThoburnCleveland, OH272
45Rich KaighinToledo, OH273
John RoessnerIndianapolis, IN273
Jim TownsendIndianapolis, IN273
48Ed CisekYoungstown, OH275
Bob KoenigYoungstown, OH275
50Gil CaitoIndianapolis, IN277
51Web DiGenovaMidvale, OH279
52Walt AsburyColumbus, OH280
Jim TothFindlay, OH280
54John FosterBaltimore, MD282
Walt MooreCincinnati, OH282
Earl RankinCleveland, OH282
57Charlie AllenDayton, OH284
Warren GrayIndianapolis, IN284
59Jim FosterWilmington, DE285
60Richard KuhlmanFindlay, OH287
61Ed BozzaccoAlliance, OH288
62Melvin DellingerBurlington, NC289
63Dick CarrColumbus, OH290
Tom OwensAshtabula, OH290
65Terry LaskyCleveland, OH291
66Ted CadyNorwalk, OH293
67Eddie DrakeColumbus, OH294
68Bill DeweyNew Whiteland, IN298
69Dean ArnoldFindlay, OH300
70Jim BowmanYoungstown, OH302
71Bill MaynardColumbus, OH312
72Buzz WarneYoungstown, OH317
MCFrank CollinsJefferson City, TNMC
Bobby JenkinsMorristown, TNMC
Ike QuinnMorristown, TNMC
Les SedlakBedford, OHMC
Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Ron DubinskyYoungstown, OH3031322829293431244
2Wade SmithYoungstown, OH3631313932303231262
3Bill SellarsBurlington, OH3935313630313533271
4Jeff KinchbaumYoungstown, OH3331343637342942278
5Tim KnapickYoungstown, OH3537343835313435279
6Steve PipicStruthers, OH4435363336283634282

Article and scores taken from Putt-Putt World Magazine, Volume 8, Number 4 (July 1966)
Photo courtesy of Ken Boy