$1,000 Denver Open

Denver, CO

June 23, 1965

Mike Fuqua Wins Denver Open

Mike Fuqua of Westminster, CO, scored a one-stroke victory over defending national putting champion, Bob Williamson of Jacksonville, FL, to win the $1,000 Denver Open.

The 21-year-old Fuqua put together four straight rounds of 32 for a 16-under-par 128 to win the $300 first price.

Williamson finished at 129 as Colorado putters grabbed four of the first six places. Fuqua scored 19 holes-in-one in the 72-hole tournament.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 Total Cash
1Mike FuquaWestminster, CO32323232128$ 300.00
2Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL31343529129$ 200.00
3Alan HolmbergDenver, CO29313337130$ 150.00
4Vance RandallAsheville, NC32313534132$ 125.00
5Dick PughDenver, CO36323829135$ 75.00
6John AlboDenver, CO32363435137$ 50.00
7Frank HoltDallas, TX30334134138$ 35.00
Lee WeldySavannah, GA32343933138$ 35.00
9Justin ColleyWestminster, CO33343834139$ 7.50
Al KalterDayton, OH34353733139$ 7.50
Daymon McElyeaDenver, CO33344329139$ 7.50
Condy RobersonSavannah, GA32363833139$ 7.50
13Bob AgeeJacksonville, FL140
Art BallRaleigh, NC140
15Dave ReedyDenver, CO142
Dan ReillyWheatridge, CO142
17Ray RayfieldBirmingham, AL143
Ray RompeyDenver, CO143
19Mike HollandAir Force Academy144
20?E Risheill JrFort Collins, CO145
21Bill CongletonManhattan, KS146
Dean HerethAurora, CO146
Earl WellsNorthglenn, CO146
24George KalberColorado Springs, CO147
25LeRoy PaizDenver, CO149
26Bernis KrusemarkTulsa, OK154
27Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA156
28GL BlickensderferWestminster, CO163
Gene WichinskiDenver, CO163
30Chester MallisonDenver, CO164
31Veryle SnyderManhattan, KS167
Place Player City 1 2 3 Total Cash
1Eric WestlingFort Collins, CO107
2Chris LambertDenver, CO108
3Jim RectorColorado Springs, CO110
Craig ReillyWheatridge, CO110
5Bob FaragunaColorado Springs, CO111
6Richard StegnerGreeley, CO113
7Domenick DitirroDenver, CO116
Steve HumphreyWheatridge, CO116
9Maurice GillmingFort Collins, CO122
10Leo DavisArvada, CO126
11Fred O'ConnorAurora, CO131
12Spike McDanielFort Collins, CO135

Article and scores taken from PPA Newsletter, Volume 6, Number 5 (June 30, 1965)