$5,000 Southern Open

Atlanta, GA (Delowe Dr)

July 27-28, 1963

Neil Connor Scores Victory After Double Playoff

Neil Connor of Greenville, SC, the PPA's all-time leading money-winner, added $1,200 more and his 7th PPA National Tournament win to his long list of accomplishments in winning the 1963 Southern Open.

For the third consecutive week, the rains prevailed, causing many scores to falter. However, Connor, also known as "The Little Tiger", emerged the victor over a field of 107 "damp" pros. His was not a walk-away victory, as it took two 18-hole playoffs to obtain the new Southern Open title.

At the end of 144 holes, Neil found himself tied with Ralph Sapp of Augusta, GA, and Jimmie Bryan of East Point, GA, all with a 48-under-par 240. At the conclustion of the first playoff round, Connor found that victory still was not his, for although Bryan was eliminated, settling for a 2nd place tie with a 31, Ralph Sapp was still tied with Neil at 6-under-par 30. Off into the second playoff round, each man matched the other stroke for stroke until disaster struck Sapp on hole #10. Here Connor dropped a par, while Sapp had to settle for a bogey three. Disaster continued on hole #11, where this time Sapp latch onto his par, but went one more stroke back as Neil drove home an ace. Neil was able now to hold his two-stroke lead for the remainder of the round, finishing with a 5-under-par 31 to Sapp's 33.

Due to the heckling rain, which fell throughout Sunday's final round, it was necessary to halt play on three different occasions. During these latter rounds, money-winning positions were constantly changing hands as each thundershower made for more hazardous putting. Spectators were to be congratulated as they stayed on the course and followed their favorites throughout the final rounds... rain and all.

Taking first place in the amateur ranks was local putter Phil Zorn. Second place went to Jimmy Davis, also of Atlanta.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Neil ConnorGreenville, SC3033282826313133240$ 1,200.00
2Ralph SappAugusta, GA3031272830323032240$ 625.00
Jim BryanEast Point, GA3232322726302932240$ 625.00
4Herman StricklandMacon, GA3233293029332930245$ 375.00
Lee WeldySavannah, GA3032302932303131245$ 375.00
6Vance RandallAsheville, NC2934322935293028246$ 275.00
Charlie McIntoshBirmingham, AL3330312829323330246$ 275.00
Buddy TaylorBaltimore, MD3431313033282831246$ 275.00
9Pete ReedAtlanta, GA3032323030283233247$ 225.00
10Leroy CooperEast Point, GA3130312831342934248$ 175.00
Pat YoumansSavannah, GA3229293330303332248$ 175.00
Gary PuckettAtlanta, GA3129333132303032248$ 175.00
13Claude StaggsManassas, VA2728333331343429249$ 87.50
Ron SlocumbColumbus, GA3132312633313332249$ 87.50
15Charles GatewoodMississippi City, MS3133333332292930250$ 16.66
Roger MooreAtlanta, GA3428293328353033250$ 16.66
Fred ScottBristol, TN3333293231313130250$ 16.66
18Gene VonWaldnerSavannah, GA2835333132313229251
Ken BoyBristol, TN3236303233293029251
20Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA3428293435313130252
Carl StricklandMacon, GA2932333433263035252
John ConnorGreenville, SC3436312829333130252
23George SalterSavannah, GA2932303430343034253
Tim JonesEast Point, GA3629283328303435253
LeRoy CummiskyTulsa, OK3032323332293134253
Ashley SlocumbColumbus, GA3230343330303331253
27Leonard PeakHopeville, GA2831303034353036254
Jimmy HarritosAtlanta, GA3032283336323033254
John RoessnerIndianapolis, IN3133313233313033254
30Sam LabelAtlanta, GA3132293332323234255
Tracy MooreAugusta, GA3437293031293629255
Richard HaydenOwensboro, KY3139332932282835255
Jim BaileyAtlanta, GA3634293432302832255
34Virgil Bryan SrForest Park, GA3432313131372832256
Eddie MeyersSavannah, GA3231313533322834256
Glen GarvinPensacola, FL3235313328343033256
Ken MillerBirmingham, AL3333333534272833256
38Chuck SchaferAugusta, GA3329283433333334257
Bill PetersEast Point, GA3431293231323335257
Ray RayfieldBirmingham, AL3032313333343133257
Nelson FowlerEast Point, GA3431293330323533257
Clyde BerryMiami, FL3330343130333432257
Don ClaytonFayetteville, GA3136313031323234257
Roy CollinsworthMacon, GA2737323432333032257
Charlie Connor SrGreenville, SC3334303433302934257
GT TruettBirmingham, AL3136353130293134257
47John HelmsCharlotte, NC3632303235313131258
Ted BrownHigh Point, NC3238303135312833258
49Ron NixonColumbus, GA3129332935372936259
John SpottsIndianapolis, IN3031313330373235259
Sam SchaferAugusta, GA3330372932333035259
Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL3231353232283732259
53Joe CoxHigh Point, NC3230332937313633261
Doug WaitesMontgomery, AL3531332938313034261
Daryl FreemanBristol, VA3036323433313332261
Howell SmithAtlanta, GA3336313331313432261
Wayne DupreeMiami, FL3236323429333233261
Condy RobersonSavannah, GA3433333431313332261
59Gary SmithAtlanta, GA3232293330373534262
Jim DorseyGainesville, FL3035333230373134262
Jack GilbertMontgomery, AL3632313431322937262
AJ JarvisTallahassee, FL3032353232313535262
63Terry HudsonGreenville, SC3233363329343135263
64Melvin SappAugusta, GA3430313533363332264
Cliff MooseGastonia, NC3334343127333636264
Bob PruittAtlanta, GA3436333129333434264
67Lewis BogueTulsa, OK3329323533363334265
68Jack BrooksMemphis, TN3138313432333335267
69Rufus JacobsAtlanta, GA3832313232343435268
70CL EnnisJacksonville, FL3332333336353137270
Farrish PooleAtlanta, GA3637303033343634270
Mike DunnAsheville, NC3535333134323337270
Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Phil ZornAtlanta, GA3629303132343330255
2Jimmy DavisAtlanta, GA3230303232343433257

Article and scores taken from PPA Newsletter, Volume 4, Number 4 (July 29, 1963)