$5,000 Midwestern Open

Indianapolis, IN

July 13-14, 1963

Ron Slocumb Wins $5,000 Midwestern Open

Saturday morning in Indianapolis, at tee-off time for the $5,000 Midwestern Open, the weatherman failed to cooperate. Rain poured down relentlessly throughout the day, washing out play after only 21 putters had tee'd off on the rain-soaked greens. After a two-hour delay, the first day of putting was finally postponed by Tournament Director Dale Brady, and competition began a second time Sunday morning at seven o'clock.

After the 72 holes of qualifying rounds were completed, with scores being held down considerably due to wet carpets, the sun began to shine brightly, the carpet dried quickly, and holes-in-one began to be scored with more frequency.

Ronnie Slocumb of Columbus, GA, powered his way to a $1,200 first place victory with a final round 27. Slocumb's victory was presented to him almost as a gift by George Salter of Savannah, GA, who had led throughout the entire final four rounds of the tournament, and had a commanding four-stroke lead with four holes to play. Salter faltered with a 3 on hole #15, and then scored a disastrous 5 on hole #16 to fall two shots back of Slocumb and provide the drama for the day. In an attempted comeback, Salter scored a hole-in-one on hole #17 and barely missed the putt on hole #18, which would have given him a tie and forced an 18-hole playoff.

Thus, Slocumb became a three-time winner, having previously won the 1960 Birmingham Open and the 1961 International Open in El Paso, TX, to join Earl Fritts and Neil Connor as the only men who have won three national tournaments. Connor, of course, has won six to become the all-time leading money-winner of the PPA.

Tying with Salter for second place was Chuck Schafer from Long Island, NY, to split second place money of $625, followed by Dan Mescall of Indianapolis, IN, and Vance Randall of Asheville, NC, tying for fourth place with 254's.

The Indianapolis event was particularly notable due to the large galleries and extensive press coverage. In the amateur division, Joe Gehling, National Amateur Champion, finished first among amateur putters for the second consecutive week. This 16-year-old putter shows definite promise of being on of the putting greats when he matures into a pro.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Ron SlocumbColumbus, GA3431343330323127252$ 1,200.00
2George SalterSavannah, GA3534322831273135253$ 625.00
Chuck SchaferLong Island, NY3331303432323130253$ 625.00
4Neil ConnorGreenville, SC3232363034293229254$ 350.00
Dan MescallIndianapolis, IN3334313232293330254$ 350.00
Vance RandallAsheville, NC3232343232293132254$ 350.00
7Buddy TaylorBaltimore, MD3232363034283232256$ 275.00
8Pat YoumansSavannah, GA3534353029293530257$ 250.00
9Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA3234353029313433258$ 225.00
10Warren GrayIndianapolis, IN3435353134303327259$ 187.50
Len MarloIndianapolis, IN3131363534273332259$ 187.50
12Wendell PhillipsIndianapolis, IN3234313734303131260$ 150.00
13John SpottsIndianapolis, IN3435342932343528261$ 100.00
14Glen GarvinPensacola, FL3431353532333131262$ 41.66
Ken MillerBirmingham, AL3332353830293233262$ 41.66
Ralph SappAugusta, GA3531363834293227262$ 41.66
17Carl StricklandMacon, GA3536333031323630263
18Ken BoyBristol, TN3535343136353127264
Condy RobersonSavannah, GA3437333233303332264
John RoessnerIndianapolis, IN3135343033313436264
21LeRoy CooperEast Point, GA3237353033303632265
Charlie McIntoshBirmingham, AL3135363035343430265
23Daryl FreemanBristol, VA3235333631333234266
Eddie MeyersSavannah, GA3832363435313228266
Ron NixonColumbus, GA3631363031333831266
Fred ScottBristol, TN3535343233313630266
27Web DiGenovaDover, OH3333353136353530268
28Charles GatewoodMississippi City, MS3735352938323330269
29George BeardenSavannah, GA3137353333313436270
Jim GarrisonIndianapolis, IN3536333232323634270
John PeckColumbus, OH3535353132343533270
32Lockland BryantJacksonville, FL3136383635303629271
33John DefordCarrollton, GA3533373135353234272
Jack HinkleColumbus, IN3635373337323131272
Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL3030363132384134272
36Bob AgeeJacksonville, FL3338353232333436273
Ed BabinSavannah, GA3734363034343632273
John ConnorGreenville, SC3537373135343628273
Lehman KeyLake Charles, LA3335353133343438273
Melvin SappAugusta, GA3334363431353634273
41Bud IrelandHouston, TX3435343337363333275
Ashley SlocumbColumbus, GA3435373231353734275
43Mickey HatfieldCincinnati, OH3635363634343431276
GT TruettBirmingham, AL3833402833343733276
45Dick CramerHamilton, OH3636363335363530277
Paul GarrisonIndianapolis, IN3534363931353334277
Jim RossiterSavannah, GA3736343336323237277
48Warren VaughnCharleston, WV3832363333383434278
Gene VonWaldnerSavannah, GA3634343437353830278
50Earl FrittsSavannah, GA3534363938303434280
Lee WeldySavannah, GA3536333634323539280
52Jan BowmanBristol, TN3931363438343633281
LeRoy CummiskyTulsa, OK3634353536343635281
Eugene HullIndianapolis, IN3739362937343633281
55John ScottoIslip, NY3734363634403134282
56Jim BlinnIndianapolis, IN3735373531383535283
Bob ByerlyIndianapolis, IN3838373135343733283
David JoyceIndianapolis, IN3336353934343537283
59Walt MooreCincinnati, OH3337353434373638284
60Jerry UnderwoodIndianapolis, IN3336373434373836285
61Bob CarnerIndianapolis, IN3935353439343834288
62Tom MyersSavannah, GA3436353742353836293
63Claude SmithIndianapolis, IN3536363639354137295
Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Joe GehlingCincinnati, OH3536353338292933268
2Bill CoyleIndianapolis, IN3534363336343330271
Tom MillsCincinnati, OH3236383134343333271

Article and scores taken from PPA Newsletter, Volume 4, Number 2 (July 16, 1963)