$5,000 New Orleans Open

New Orleans, LA

February 24-25, 1962

43-Under Par Establishes New Record as Schafer Wins New Orleans Open

Going into the final 72 holes of play the three-stroke leader Chuck Schafer of Long Island, New York continued to leave his nearest rival farther and farther in the dust to his rear with an extremely hot putter. Firing two's and aces he faltered only once to sink a bogey three, which was his only over-par hole of the afternoon. Having carded a 24-under par for the first 72 holes he backed this up with a 19-under par for the final 72 holes concluding the 144-hole route 43-under par shattering all previous records. A man that was undoubtedly a promising young start during 1961, having placed in the money on several occasions finally relaxed and paved his way for 1962 by setting a red hot pace that was untouchable by other well known players forming the remainder of the field and walked away with the first-place check of $1,200.

Bob Williamson, finishing in a blaze of glory with 7th and 8th round scores of 28 and 27, overtook Neil Connor for second place in the final 10 holes. This run for the second place money netted him $750 for his efforts with Connor settling for third place and $500. Firing two 30's back-to-back making a grand stand run for it and finishing 4th place with $400 was Gene McDonald of Savannah.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Chuck SchaferLong Island, NY3428292930303431245$ 1,200.00
2Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL3133353232352827253$ 750.00
3Neil ConnorGreenville, SC3132322830392834254$ 500.00
4Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA3230362833373030256$ 400.00
5John ConnorGreenville, SC3430393431332730258$ 325.00
Charles GatewoodMississippi City, MS3032343235343328258$ 325.00
7Vance RandallAsheville, NC3431373530332933262$ 275.00
8Charlie McIntoshBirmingham, AL3534333136333031263$ 250.00
9Lehman KeyLake Charles, LA3528373336333032264$ 212.50
Gene VonWaldnerSavannah, GA2933393232402831264$ 212.50
11Earl FrittsSavannah, GA3133353031413135267$ 175.00
12Charles LittleBaton Rouge, LA3033353532363434269$ 93.75
Tracy MooreLong Island, NY3632343232363532269$ 93.75
Don PoseyWinston-Salem, NC3029363639373131269$ 93.75
Dave WarringtonJacksonville, FL3336333630373133269$ 93.75
16Joe DrefahlNew Orleans, LA3233333333403730271
Condy RobersonSavannah, GA3332393732333233271
18Jim GarrisonIndianapolis, IN3236402935293538274
Joe GordonShreveport, LA3632353334343634274
20Roy CollinsworthMacon, GA3832323337353236275
Bob McCulloughNew Orleans, LA3536332935393434275
22Glen GarvinPensacola, FL3534363434363433276
Jack HamiltonBirmingham, AL3432403434373233276
Bob McCordMemphis, TN3537343436353233276
Lee WeldySavannah, GA3233333536393434276
26Dan AshwellWashington, DC3135333535413633279
Daryl FreemanBristol, VA3833383332373038279
Davis GuaymardBaton Rouge, LA3430393435403136279
29Buddy GeleNew Orleans, LA3334383134433136280
Sid LaguierNew Orleans, LA3033403141353832280
Frank SarverLake Charles, LA3733353534383335280
32Alvery LaCosteNew Orleans, LA3539353431393236281
33LeRoy CooperEast Point, GA3637383234343536282
34Jack GilbertMontgomery, AL3937323234393436283
Andre GrumbachBaton Rouge, LA3439403334383431283
Ed NacolBaton Rouge, LA3139393134413434283
37Ron SlocumbColumbus, GA4031393340343433284
Tom TeddyMemphis, TN3533373733423532284
39Don ClaytonFayetteville, NC3334333742373534285
John FriedelNew Orleans, LA3936363335363337285
41Asa EnloeNew Orleans, LA3634373436373735286
Jack PonsNew Orleans, LA3333403637383534286
George SeamonBaton Rouge, LA3233363837423434286
Tom SilbernagelNew Orleans, LA3738383134403335286
45Ken BoyBristol, TN3638373733383533287
Larry KernBaton Rouge, LA3039343439423732287
Clarence KurtzWashington, DC3635392932443735287
GT TruettBirmingham, AL3136383934423433287
49Bob AgeeJacksonville, FL3933333440353935288
Edsel GordonLexington, NC4037363333383437288
51Richmond HobsonShreveport, LA4035373133413636289
52Richard BentonMiami, FL3431413640333441290
Jim BlackAtlanta, GA3335373533433737290
54Joe DanielsDallas, TX3331363635463737291
Steve JenkinsHouston, TX3733363339463433291
Ron NixonColumbus, GA3936383435383239291
Jerry PhillipsFayetteville, NC3934363638393039291
58Jerry DrefahlNew Orleans, LA3535364239343635292
59Roland DanielsNew Orleans, LA4034403536393930293
Marshall SeigfriedColumbus, GA3433393933443833293
Bill SilbernagelNew Orleans, LA3335423834453234293
Ashley SlocumbColumbus, GA3534413436363740293
63John CrowellWashington, DC3533423638403238294
64Frank ReidAtlanta, GA3535353739453831295
65Bob JacobsNew Orleans, LA3437353740403736296
Russ MaddoxMontgomery, AL3733423534433438296
Vernon TaylorHigh Point, NC4233373435423835296
68Al KalishmanPensacola, FL3638383637403339297
Eddie MatreNew Orleans, LA3534404034423735297
70Chuck ZamecnikColumbus, GA3238393733424136298
71Don AlexanderMobile, AL3535393540373841300
72Ken MillerBirmingham, AL3836393637413742306
Jim VairionNew Orleans, LA3333453740403840306
74Herb SeatonJohnson City, TN3837363942394041312
Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Mike SwettMemphis, TN3432373433373531273
2Ray PinetteMetairie, LA3530343631403336275
3Dan TuckerShreveport, LA3937373336343932287
4Ronnie SkipperPensacola, FL3836513333463535307
5Ray WingerterNew Orleans, LA4046433041433536314

Article and scores taken from PPA Newsletter, Volume 3, Number 1 (March 1, 1962)