$1,000 Kingsport Open

Kingsport, TN

July 22-23, 1961

Claude Staggs Winner of $1,000 Kingsport Open

Claude Staggs of Manassas, Virginia shot an almost unbelievable 32-under-par, 184, in 108 holes of medal play in a $1,100 putting tournament at the Kingsport Putt-Putt Course Saturday and Sunday, July 22-23, 1961. Staggs turned in rounds of 33-28-32-36-26-29 to collect $500 first place prize money. Trailing by one stroke and taking second place money was Jan Bowman of Bristol, Tennessee who shot a 31-under-par, 185.

The pair thrilled the crowd as each putter reached 25-under par and kept dropping aces one after the other. Staggs needed an ace to win and got it on the final hole to give him a total of 40 aces for the 108 holes and the $100 for the most holes-in-one.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Cash
1Claude StaggsManassas, VA332832362629184$ 500.00
2Jan BowmanBristol, TN303128343131185$ 250.00
3Jim CoxPhenix City, AL293331352831187$ 58.33
Elmer JonesKingsport, TN313132332832187$ 58.33
Ken BoyBristol, TN293629333030187$ 58.33
6John ConnorGreenville, SC313132333130188$ 18.33
LeRoy CooperEast Point, GA323229323033188$ 18.33
Roy EstesKingsport, TN302635313333188$ 18.33
9Neil ConnorGreenville, SC283232323332189$ 10.00
Bill KingColumbia, SC372729303432189$ 10.00
11Chuck SchaferFarmingdale, NY283131343234190
12Charlie HayesWinston-Salem, NC323231283632191
Earl FrittsSavannah, GA342930333530191
Cliff SloanStatesville, NC313335303230191
Bob BowerRoanoke, VA313234332734191
Ron NixonColumbus, GA303832313030191
17Bob McDowellHigh Point, NC303233313135192
Bob PrattMorristown, TN313033343232192
19Vance RandallAsheville, NC303230363233193
Merrill TuttleHigh Point, NC312936303235193
21Dan AshwellArlington, VA312635343335194
Frank HoltSavannah, GA363233292836194
Tom HowardColumbia, SC313132333235194
Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA303233303039194
Ike QuintonMorristown, TN403129322933194
Ron SlocumbColumbus, GA313130353829194
27Dick MinnickBristol, TN313329383232195
Condy RobersonSavannah, GA333331323234195
29Ted BrownHigh Point, NC413227283434196
Roy CollinsworthMacon, GA343232343034196
Charlie Connor JrGreenville, SC323432303236196
Bob DuncanLynchburg, VA293730353333196
33Larry SeibertNorth Wilkesboro, NC323730333134197
34Bob GarrenGreenville, SC352835343532199
John SpottsIndianapolis, IN313434333433199
36Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL333037293240201
37Frank ReidAtlanta, GA333532313635202
James TateKingsport, TN363428343535202
39Huey BatsonGreenville, SC353928304033205
MCHarold ElliottGreensboro, NC134MC
Daryl FreemanBristol, VA134MC
Don FletcherKingsport, TN135MC
Wayne KennedyDurham, NC135MC
Cliff MooseAtlanta, GA135MC
WH TroutConcord, NC135MC
Charlie Connor SrGreenville, SC136MC
Wallace GlassPortsmouth, OH136MC
Terry HudsonGreenville, SC136MC
Dale AmosMorristown, TN137MC
William CoxKnoxville, TN137MC
Bill HuxTalbott, TN137MC
Wayne PerdueRoanoke, VA138MC
Richard ConnorGreenville, SC139MC
Clyde CuretonGreenville, SC139MC
Lee WeldySavannah, GA139MC
Harvey ForresterGreenville, SC140MC
Marion LanfordGreenville, SC141MC
Don PurkinsLexington, KY143MC
Cal SkidmoreArlington, VA143MC
Jack TuckerStatesville, NC143MC
Woody CallowayKingsport, TN145MC
Frank CollinsJefferson City, TN146MC
Walter GrahamGreenville, SC146MC
Francis HoppesPendleton, IN146MC
Allen StarrettStatesville, NC147MC
Glen YeltonStatesville, NC147MC
David JoyceIndianapolis, IN148MC
Ron StidhamKingsport, TN149MC
Rick JacksonJohnson City, TN151MC
Joe StrangeStatesville, NC154MC
Bob ClearyDurham, NC157MC
Neil CarterKingsport, TN158MC
JD SmithMorristown, TN160MC
CD StewartStatesville, NC165MC
Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Cash
1Randy BaldwinLynchburg, VA193
2Tommy WarrickErwin, TN195
3Homer WarrickErwin, TN198
4David WilliamsEriwin, TN200
5Mike KittsJohnson City, TN210
Steve TorstuckKingsport, TN210
7Lewis PreddyBristol, TN211
8Fred LongKingsport, TN214
9Harry FranklinErwin, TN216
10Charles MilchornBristol, TN224

Article and scores taken from PPA Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 7 (July 23, 1961)