$5,000 Eastern Open

Farmingdale, NY (Long Island)

July 15-16, 1961

Neil Connor Wins Eastern Open

The putting Connor brothers from Greenville, SC won first and second place in the $5,000 Eastern Open to take back to the Connor household $3,000 of the $5,000 purse put up for grab by the PPA.

At the end of the first 72 holes of play on Saturday, July 15th, John Connor led the field at 22-under par and when the 144 holes were finished today, Neil Connor moved into first place and John was forced to settle for second. Neil Connor was an amazing 27-under par for the final 4 rounds of play to finish 41-under-par total. John Connor's score was 39-under par. First place money of $2,000 brings Neil Connor's winnings up to $4,150 in 6 weeks of tournament play.

Jim Cox of Phenix City, Alabama shot a 250, 38-under par, for third place money of $500 with Ron Slocumb 251, 39-under par, for fourth place money of $250.

The first day of play in the Eastern Open was played in a driving rain storm and the carpets were saturated with water making the putting conditions very difficult.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Neil ConnorGreenville, SC3429343329292831247$ 2,000.00
2John ConnorGreenville, SC3129303231323232249$ 1,000.00
3Jim CoxPhenix City, AL3031373134293028250$ 500.00
4Ron SlocumbColumbus, GA2731323333333230251$ 250.00
5Condy RobersonSavannah, GA3231303334353028253$ 200.00
6Daryl FreemanBristol, TN3132343031353032255$ 150.00
Ron NixonColumbus, GA3332333230353030255$ 150.00
8Harold HardesterOrlando, FL3432313534352928258$ 100.00
9Don ClaytonFayetteville, NC3135343334303032259$ 100.00
Tracy MooreFarmingdale, NY3130353133353232259$ 100.00
11Buddy TaylorBaltimore, MD2931343435343231260$ 100.00
Dave WarringtonJacksonville, FL2934363331353131260$ 100.00
Lee WeldySavannah, GA3035323034323334260$ 100.00
14Frank HoltSavannah, GA3530333335362930261$ 37.50
Pete ReedAtlanta, GA3632333233353228261$ 37.50
Chuck SchaferFarmingdale, NY3533313035323332261$ 37.50
Harry WilliamsRoseboro, NC2534353732353132261$ 37.50
18Gene McDonaldSavannah, GA2829353431373435263
Cal SkidmoreArlington, VA3432343131333632263
Pete ZachariahBabylon, NY3233343136353230263
21Ken BoyBristol, TN3532323534293532264
22LeRoy CooperEast Point, GA3036343533303631265
Earl FrittsSavannah, GA3233353237323133265
Wayne PerdueRoanoke, VA3132353232343435265
25John ColliganFarmingdale, NY3636363533313229268
26Cliff MooseEast Point, GA3431363233393133269
27Marshall SeigfriedCincinnati, OH3533333233393035270
Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL3135323139313536270
29Tony LositoElmira, NY3230373435363334271
30John ScottoIslip, NY3632353236353334273
31Philip BoerumHicksville, NY3232353735363533275
Charlie RocheBridgeport, CT3532363633363136275
Larry SeibertN. Wilkesboro, NC3230383835353235275
Al SimpsonLake Charles, LA3231324040343036275
35Chuck NormanFarmingdale, NY3635333530373338277
36Jim DesLondesHollywood, CA2833343534383838278
Jerry GorcicaClifton, NJ3340353936323033278
Vance RandallAsheville, NC3536353634353334278
39Don AshewellArlington, VA3538383632333532279
40Bob DivverArlington, VA3633393437373534285
41Sam WallaceBaltimore, MD3736413834353234287
42Ed McCabeFarmingdale, NY4033434136343337297
43Pat MolfettoFarmingdale, NY3838403541393737305
Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Cash
1Jim ArnoldFarmingdale, NY3332333731353429264
2Larry AndersonFarmingdale, NY3035383035323035265
3Bill FingerhutFarmingdale, NY3437373634313434277
Sam SchaferFarmingdale, NY3333393434373532277

Article and scores taken from PPA Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 6 (July 16, 1961)