1960 Parade of Champions

Winston-Salem, NC

September 15, 1960

On September 15th, 1960 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina the TV cameras will begin rolling, recording on film the $5,200 Pro Championship Putting Series of the Week to be released in the spring of 1961.

The top 5 money winners of the 1960 national tour will play a total of four head-to-head medal play matches. The top two seeds will play in the first match, with the winner advancing to play against the third seed, and so on. The winner of each match will receive $1,000, with the loser receiving $300.

The first match will show Frank Holt of Savannah, GA, the 1960 national tour leading money winner, versus Neil Connor, the 1960 National Champion of Greenville, SC. Other pros competing in this series will be Earl Fritts of Houston, TX; Ron Nixon of Columbus, GA; and Bob Williamson of Jacksonville, FL; the top five money winning PPPGA pros.

Match #1
Frank Holt vs Neil Connor
Match #2
Frank Holt vs Earl Fritts
Match #3
Earl Fritts vs Ron Nixon
Match #4
Ron Nixon vs Bob Williamson
Player City Record Cash
Ron Nixon Columbus, GA 2-0 $ 2,000
Frank Holt Savannah, GA 1-1 $ 1,300
Earl Fritts Savannah, GA 1-1 $ 1,300
Neil Connor Greenville, SC 0-1 $ 300
Bob Williamson Jacksonville, FL 0-1 $ 300