$1,000 New Orleans Open

New Orleans, LA

June 11, 1960

Savannah, GA Pro Winner of New Orleans PPPGA Tournament

On June 11 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Frank Holt, PPPGA pro from Savannah, Georgia, walked away with top prize of $500 in the $1,000 Putt Putt Professional Golfers Association tourney held on the Putt Putt Golf Course, N. Causeway Boulevard in that city. Holt copped first place by shooting a dramatic 13 under par 203 for the 108 hole route.

The next national PPPGA tournament of the$30,000 summer circuit will be held on the Putt Putt Golf Course, 3300 Third Avenue, South, Birmingham, Alabama. This June 18th tourney will offer a total of $1,000 in prize money to the top contenders.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Cash
1Frank HoltSavannah, GA343339353329203$ 500.00
2Ted GreenNew Orleans, LA353534323632204$ 250.00
3John CurleeColumbus, GA313534353338206$ 58.33
Earl FrittsHouston, TX333337363433206$ 58.33
Dave WarringtonJacksonville, FL303440343632206$ 58.33
6Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL353339323731207$ 25.00
7Charles GatewoodMississippi City, MS333337353931208$ 15.00
Lehman KeyLake Charles, LA363336333832208$ 15.00
9Neil ConnorGreenville, SC343739363231209$ 10.00
10Joe DrefahlNew Orleans, LA393538353731215$ 3.33
Alvery LaCosteNew Orleans, LA403536353633215$ 3.33
Bob McCulloughNew Orleans, LA343540343636215$ 3.33
13John ConnorGreenville, SC363437383833216
Jerry DrefahlNew Orleans, LA383439323736216
Ron NixonColumbus, GA403639373133216
16Rolan DanielNew Orleans, LA433240343236217
17Richmond HobsonShreveport, LA363836333639218
Sid LaguierNew Orleans, LA373341343835218
19Jack PonsNew Orleans, LA383637383536220
Bud IrelandJacksonville, FL344240353435220
21James GordonBirmingham, AL393642323537221
Keith RichardsonHouston, TX363640353737221
23Terrel DanielNew Orleans, LA363940333539222
Allen MarxNew Orleans, LA383637363441222
25Al SimpsonLake Charles, LA413541343438223
26Sal GuiffriaMississippi City, MS383636433833224
Dennis RobertsHouston, TX363840363836224
28Andre GrumbackBaton Rouge, LA383537354240227
29Lee HuntAlexandria, LA363740374237229
30Jerry WilliamsTuscaloosa, AL423641353545234
MCJames DuplantisNew Orleans, LA155MC
Buddy GeleNew Orleans, LA155MC
Jim MoodyNew Orleans, LA156MC
Henry PooleLake Charles, LA156MC
Frank SarverLake Charles, LA156MC
John LoweNew Orleans, LA157MC
Sonny ClarkBaton Rouge, LA158MC
Walter MedlinShreveport, LA158MC
Asa EnloeNew Orleans, LA159MC
Howard BooneJackson, MS160MC
George SeamanBaton Rouge, LA160MC
Fred GlennHouston, TX161MC
Steve JenkinsNew Orleans, LA161MC
Jerry PuckettJackson, MS164MC
Joe DavidsonMacon, Georgia165MC
Marvin HamiltonNew Orleans, LA165MC
Willie McCoolJackson, MS165MC
Tom SilbernagelNew Orleans, LA165MC
JP VanWayLafayette, LA168MC
Clarence LandryLafayette, LA169MC
Paul LandryLafayette, LA169MC
Cliff WilsonJackson, MS169MC
Joe GordonShreveport, LA174MC
Larry HenningNew Orleans, LA180MC
John WilsonJackson, MS186MC