$2,000 Houston Open

Houston, TX

June 4, 1960

Nixon Top Money Winner in PPPGA Circuit

Ronnie Nixon, pro putter from Columbus, Georgia, took top money in the world’s second national PPPGA tourney held in Houston, Texas on June 4. Nixon breezed through the $2,000, 108 hole par 216 route with a total score of 206, 10 under par. This first place money $1,000 combined with his earnings of $350 won in the May 28 Dallas tournament totals $1,350, making him top money winner in the summer national PPPGA circuit thus far.

Craig Snyder of Houston, Texas copped first place amateur standing with his aggregate score of 219 to win the Houston Amateur trophy. The next national tourney will be held on June 11 on the Putt Putt Golf Course, 2210 N. Causeway Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana offering total prize money of $1,000.

Place Player City 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Cash
1Ron NixonColumbus, GA363538323332206$ 1,000.00
2Frank HoltSavannah, GA353629383536209$ 500.00
3John CurleeColumbus, GA343940323235212$ 200.00
4Lehman KeyLake Charles, LA373738403130213$ 100.00
5Keith RichardsonHouston, TX353833383436214$ 62.50
Dave WarringtonJacksonville, FL363340353436214$ 62.50
7Bob WilliamsonJacksonville, FL333535364135215$ 25.00
8Joe HueySavannah, GA383936363831218$ 25.00
9Bud IrelandJacksonville, FL394137333535220$ 15.00
10Charles CheaneyHouston, TX393932413439224$ 10.00
11Don ClaytonFayetteville, NC383834413638225
12Bob ColeFort Worth, TX364041353440226
13Gene MersingerSan Antonio, TX383636443341228
Jake SmithTyler, TX364336413438228
15Frank SarverLake Charles, LA413941363736230
16Steve JenkinsNew Orleans, LA413241393939231
17Joe DrefahlNew Orleans, LA374137383742232
18Andy ClintonDallas, TX423940363842237
19Lee HuntAlexandria, LA354038414143238
Clarence WigglesworthOcala, FL403739434237238
21Ronnie WolffSan Antonio, TX364641393846246
MCTed GreenNew Orleans, LA146MC
Bob AgeeJacksonville, FL152MC
Ed BanfieldFort Worth, TX154MC
Henry PooleLake Charles, LA155MC
Buddy GeleNew Orleans, LA156MC
Ben BrittHouston, TX157MC
Al SimpsonLake Charles, LA157MC
Rolan DanielNew Orleans, LA159MC
Ed FulfordColumbus, GA161MC
Ben CrabtreeDallas, TX162MC
Bob CrabtreeDallas, TX162MC
James GilesTyler, TX162MC
Joe DavidsonMacon, GA163MC
Alvery LaCosteNew Orleans, LA163MC
Tom SilbernagelNew Orleans, LA163MC
Jerry DanielsHouston, TX164MC
Ronnie SarverLake Charles, LA164MC
Glenn RoyaSan Antonio, TX167MC
Jerry VanderpoolDallas, TX168MC
Bob HerodFort Worth, TX169MC
Lyle SquibbLake Charles, LA171MC
Joe ThomasHouston, TX171MC
Bob BryanHouston, TX179MC
Bob PirtleFort Worth, TX179MC
Fred GlennHouston, TX180MC
Jim BradshawHouston, TX185MC
Ben FarrarHouston, TX188MC
Jim SpakeAlexandria, LA196MC